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Hi welcome to my homepage this at one time was going to be a wav and midi page
for sounds and music that we used to play in Comic Chat, however Microsoft has
ruined the IRC servers and most of us dont chat in that forum anymore. If we ever
find a server that welcomes the Comic Chat client some of us may move to it and
start up a room (it was a fun way to chat) and if that happens I may go ahead and
convert this back to a wav and midi page. Until then I am going to make this mostly
a links page to other websites that I have interest in I am sorry if you came here
looking for wav's, midi's or mp3's please feel free to check out my links pages
anyway I may have a link to sites that have what you might be looking for.

The fire bar used to be a link to soft's "poser" page, my
HOT fan club page, but after this link was made, soft had closed that site.

I am sorry this page was removed from the net but here is the
cool graphic that was used to link to Mr. Fuzzy's help page
(havent heard from him in many moons)
now it is just a cool animation:

page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4

Click here to go to Softs' backgrounds page

Closed Dec. 2019