This is a support site for users of the chat program 'Microsoft Comic Chat'.
A unique IRC chat client which allows users to chat as comic characters in
a comic strip environment rather than in plain-boring text chat.

In order to download "Microsoft Comic Chat", visit Mermaid Elizabeth's
Download Page which is on Mermeliz.com

updated: 25 February 2018

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These were 'once lost' Comic Chat download pages
..Now restored for everyone!
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Site Name Char.
Revival Date
Click Here The Phoenix On-Line Foundation - Nexus
Grand Central Station for All Things 'Microsoft Comic Chat'
649 11.09.2004 Yes
Click Here Microsoft B&W Characters Color Replacements 23 01.05.2001 No
Agness' Room - Character Page 4 12.05.12 Yes
Angel's Characters - Lite (Toons Only) 29 18.04.01 Yes
Big - J's - Characters 4 All 16 18.02.06 Yes
Cati's Characters 7 19.05.12 Yes
Chabo's Chat Characters 4 18.02.07 Yes
Chara Chat @ nifty corp. 26 18.02.08 Yes
ChibiLee's Character Downloads 5 18.02.07 Yes
Claire's Comic Character Collections 87 18.02.06 Yes
ComichaStation 7 18.02.05 Yes
Comic Chat Connection - Character Pages 42 18.01.31 Yes
`CRAZEhare's Comic Chat Characters 22 18.02.02 Yes
GaryT - Chat Characters 46 18.02.10 Yes
Shunji Haruki's Original Character Creations 15 18.02.05 Yes
Hina's Comic Character Downloads 9 18.02.08 Yes
Ise-Shima's Comic Chat Characters 5 18.02.04 Yes
Islamic Cafe - Radio Story Characters  4 18.02.08 Yes
Kaorin's Characters 146 18.02.04 Yes
Keiji's Gallery of Comic Chat Characters 5 18.02.06 Yes
Kei Nya's Original Characters 25 18.02.05 Yes
KellieW's Creations 50 14.03.01 Yes
Kingfish - Blinky Bill Comic Chat Characters 26 14.03.06 Yes
Kirouran's MS Chat Comic Characters 5 18.01.31 Yes
LiL^Sugarz' Characters 11 18.02.07 Yes
Miie-Kei's MS Chat Characters 52 18.02.04 Yes
Miri's - MS Chat Comic Character Place 5 18.02.06 Yes
Miss Dipsy's Toon Characters 29 18.02.09 Yes
Momomo World MS Chat Characters 138 18.02.04 Yes
Naomin's MS Chat Page 13 18.02.05 Yes
Noz's Comic Chat Character Creations 12 18.02.06 Yes
Click Here -ll-brt's Character Page 26 13.05.2012 Yes
Patsy's Place - Lite (Toons Only) 19 18.02.06 Yes
Prince Alucard's Comic Character Realm 9 28.05.06 Yes
Red Angel's Media Works Studio 52 18.02.09 Yes
RedFern's Chat Characters 5 18.02.01 Yes
SeeNa's Comic Chat Character Creations 20 18.02.01 Yes
Shy_one's Smooth Seam Productions 51 18.01.31 Yes
Shoji's Special Service - Comic Character Download Page 16 18.02.07 Yes
Takobou's Liar of Comic Chat Characters 55 18.02.05 Yes
Tam's Creations 7 18.02.02 Yes
Taterin's Sketch Pad 7 18.02.08 Yes
Tokachi & Friends MS Chat Character Creations 11 18.02.07 Yes
ToyPoodle - Lazy Systems - Comic Character Creations 32 18.02.08 Yes
Unipeg's Page 30 18.02.03 Yes
Vicetang's Chaotic Street Kids 12 18.02.01 Yes
Whiteswan's Comic Character Place 89 18.02.01 Yes
Yukie's Characters 9 18.02.02 Yes
This is Page 2: - "Restored Characters from lost sites" (You are HERE)
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This page is reserved for restored content from former 'Microsoft Comic Chat' Web Sites that had materials for download and use in the Comic Chat program. At some point in the past, these sites closed and disappeared taking their content along with them.

Not all sites are presented here.
Only the ones that Mermaid Elizabeth was able to save before their disappearance.

Whenever possible each site is presented as if it were by the 'Original Author' in an effort to preserve the copyright of each author. Only the actual download pages for the Comic Chat characters are represented here ..NOT the previous site's entire content!

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