ChatCheck ..A Freeware Web Search Utility
for Microsoft Comic Chat characters!
By: Sqiz (Derek White)
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  Version 2.5f

  Displays a list of installed

  Searches the World Wide Web
for addtional characters

  Directs a user to additional
characters for download

  Provides acceptable
replacements for undesired


ChatCheck compares the character files that are in your ComicArt folder to the character files that are availabe for download on the internet at various download sites. ChatCheck will then inform you of which files you do not have and were to go to download the new ones.
Since ChatCheck is hard coded to look only for the ComicArt folder in
C:\\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\ComicArt or in C:\\Program Files\Chat\ComicArt,
if you install the Comic Chat program anywhere else on your computer, then ChatCheck will not be able to find your local file folder.
ChatCheck can still search the internet for files, but it will not compare what you have on your computer to what is out there to download!

If you want to get the best results using ChatCheck, it is suggested to have the Comic Chat program installed in one of the two default locations on your computer.


ChatCheck is a FREEWARE  stand alone program which can be used both off line to view information about the characters you already have installed, and on-line to search the internet for more characters and monitor character downloads.

When ChatCheck is run, it scans your PC for an installed version of Comic Chat and displays a table of any characters you have loaded.
These are initially marked with a in the installed column.

After establishing your usual connection to the internet, click the Search button and ChatCheck begins to search web sites containing Comic Chat characters. ChatCheck will then add them to the table of characters. From there you have the option to go fetch the listed uninstalled characters and download them to your collection.

"ChatCheck25f.exe" may be downloaded and used anywhere on your hard drive. A convenient place is to your Desktop where it may be accessed right from your main screen. It requires no installation and is ready to use as soon as the download is complete!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please visit our support page!
Thank you!



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