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It's time for some fun with Mermaid's "Fun Pages"
Compassion & Kindness

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National Scream-Off
Are you feeling

Nauseous or Nauseated?
Words Women Use
C L I C K me
From a man's perspective
Laughing Faces
Crazy Silly Video

Kids Games

Play Time
Children playing marbles
Looking for kids games?
How about rules for playground games or verses for jump-rope rhymes?

This list of games will keep you busy all summer
as well as the daylight hours at home after school!
Children jumping rope
Click Here to download LaserWar


[ Free Standing Program ]

A very fast - extremely addictive game! You only have ONE life!
So you have to come out shooting!

( Requires Minimum of DIRECTX 5.0 Installed )
[ Successfully Tested on win7-32 ]

Click Here to download Fish Dish
Fish Dish


[ Installs into System ]
Use: C:\Programs\Fish Dish
NOT 'Program Files'

You control a small fish named Salmon Fishdie. You have to maneuver Salmon so that he can gobble up any fish that are smaller or equal in size to him while avoiding larger, predatory fish that swim by. The more fish that Sal eats, the larger he grows. Unfortunately, for Salmon, his predators grow as well, making it progressively more dangerous for Salmon to survive.
[ Successfully Tested on win7-32 ]
' C:\Programs\Fish Dish '

Click Here to download Super Mario Brothers


[ Free Standing Program ]

A Classic!
An older game Mermy has found useful in keeping the kids entertained.
Works on pre-WinXP computers.
Probably won't work on WinXp, Mermy hasn't tried it yet.
(HINT: Use the ESCape key to close the program).
[ Does not play on win7-32 ]

download dominoes


[ Free Standing Program ]

A fast Dominoes game. One-on-One with the computer!
Game has 3 levels of difficulty!
Easy - Medium - Hard
Have fun!
[ Successfully Tested on win7-32 ]

download WinArcade


[ Free Standing Program ]

This is a "puzzler" game!
The first thing you have to do is figure our how to play it!
After you select a game from the "Window" button
(13 different games to choose from),
then you have to use the "Help" button to get instructions
on how to play each game selected.
Even the instructions are fun to figure out!
All Mermy can say is: Buena suerte!
[ Successfully Tested on win7-32 ]
Mermy note: means it's new on Mermaid's site for download. Have Fun!

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