These files are comic characters for use in the chat program
'Microsoft Chat V2.5'
To download these character files, click on the characters name.
Save files in C:\Program Files\chat\comicart
- or -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\comicart
You must have MSChat2.5 installed in order to view or use these characters.

Created By MissDipsy
Created by MissDipsy
Created By MissDipsy
Created by MissDipsy
Created By MissDipsy
Created By MissDipsy
Created by Ambria
Created by MissDipsy
Created By MissDipsy
Created By ConfusedGothicGurl
Created By MissDipsy & DashRiprock
Created by DashRiprock
Created By MissDipsy
TeMPTreSS2 is being displyed as one of MissDipsy's creations, however, no link is provided since this character has nude poses.
It is therefore not appropriate to be on this site for download!
Created By MissDipsy
Dragonhalf Created By MissDipsy


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