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Hello My name is CindyJo

Hmm I have been in chat 7-8 Years. I am Married to (um he doesn't chat ) WE met online thru Match.com .. dated for one year. Lived together for a year and then we were married Feb 14th 2006 In Hawaii.. was absolutely amazing. Between us we have 6 children 4 are mine ( 1 21 yr old girl 2 16 yr old girls,a 13 yr girl a 10 yr old boy and a 9 Yr old girl) are. OK a huge house full... did I mention grandma lives with us too WE have three dogs( Boxer, pitbull and a lil Pomeranian) oh and a lil show puppy on the way. Two cats a parrot and a rooster, (don't ask...lol ) I am a supervisor for a company in Utah. I don't feel guilty about telling people what to do (or where to go ) Comes with the job. I have been there for 11 months. I spend my day chatting with reps, customers and umm friends ( but don't tell anyone k) I am very nice but I will harass the doo doo out of you ( lol ) But all in fun .. anything else just ask ( UM NO!!!! I DON'T CYBER )

Email me CindyJo

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