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Hello! My name is

I live in Menifee, California - U.S.A.

Am a 3 rd generation native Californian. Have a son and 2 daughters also have 6 grandsons. Enjoy cooking, computing, and flower gardening. Offline, I am known as 'Lonni'. My fav movie would be Avatar 1. Also like watching the Harry Potter series over and over! LOL. (Still waiting for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts) . . On wizardingworld.com, I was sorted into the Ravenclaw House . . I Also enjoy CSI series of shows and the various NCIS series and Blue Bloods. I like computer related challenges. Mainly because they present an opportunity to learn something more! While in the US Navy I was an Electronic Technician and then as a civilian I worked as an Industrial Electrician . - Retired now (The real money is in electrical power not electronics)
Back in 1998, I stumbled into a room on the Microsoft Chat Servers called #Freetoys. There the host, Dillenger, was teaching HTML. After learning HTML, I decided to use my new skills to support the Comic Chat community. Thus Mermeliz.com came into existence. See the History page for more stories!

My website is www.mermeliz.com/

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