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Hello My name is MoonDog

I live in the U.S.A.

Moondog has been my chatname for over 17 years now. Yes I started in Comic Chat in the ver 2.1 days just got the hang of it and then 2.5 came out. I have been using sage.avb recolor called moondog for most of my chatting. I presently use an evil moondog, moondogb.avb. I was born in New York City at a very young age. It was the beginning of the 50d's a-bombs, Howdy Duddy, Winkidink and segregation. So when I reached the age of five it was off to the promised land Long Island where I lived for rest of the first 37 years of my life, if you can call Brooklyn Long Island. Now I live on the main land in New Jersey with my two daughters 14 and 20 year old. I was widowed in June of 2004 and I feel we are all adjusting well.

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