Porta-Potty Wall

A view from the inside!

Featuring wee words of wit!

Porta-Potty Row

toilet roll clear clear clear
Toro mission statement
I slit a sheet - a sheet I slit - Upon the slitted sheet I sit
A tight deadline should never be allowed to overrule safety
A fig plucker am I - A fig pluckers son - How many figs can I pluck before the fig plucker comes
Lost my job today and I don't know why
I cut that thing 3 times!
...And it was still too short!
clear clear clear
Measure twice - cut once
Stand on seat and flush
Here I sit broken hearted
Of course I talk to myself! How else am I going to get expert advice?
Our life's path is navigated
by the decisions we make every day!

Posessions possess the possessor
Buy Less! Hoard Less! Live More!


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