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ここでは、きい­んが創った「MSチャット」用のキャラクターを置いて ります。

Here, I place a character for "MS chat" that I created.
Click the image to start the download.

C:\\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\ComicArt


1・きい­ん’s ドラえもん (156KB)

1 - Yeon 's Doraemon

♂ (male)

Year 's oldest character finally recovered by MS chat!
Use everyone! キ キ キ Just talking in chat is short
Disadvantages that only the face can see ... (sweat)


2・ラピタロボちゃん (173KB)
2 - Lapita Robo

♀ (female)

アレンジするとこうなった・・・。自分では結構上手にで きた
Caring for the robot who came out in the sky castle laughter.
It became like this when arranged. I made it quite well on my own.
I'm going though ... No good?


3・アンパラマン (59KB)
3 - AmparaMan

♂ (male)

「と〜 み」が原画を作成しましたよん。編集は きい­んが
"PARA" requested Anpanman.
Please forgive easy name ... By the way, Anparaman
"And Mi" created the original picture. Editing is bad
I did it. Hehe.


4・MS−09F (199KB)

♂ (female)

'Fu chan' request is domdom, (fast food restaurant chain)!
From the name, it looks like it 's for exclusive use, but everyone is OK.
I was told that "Please put Mr. Matilda!", But I abandoned it (lol)
But ... It is a character that seems to have divided "Dora" and "Robo" by 2, divided by 2 (sweat)




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