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updated: 13 January 2020

Listed below are the 23 language versions of MSChat 2.5 (Comic Chat), and the five language versions of Character Editor. Instead of a drop down menu form, all the programs are shown so you can see the available languages along with their perspective installation progam file names. Please write down the download filename so you can easily find it for the installation.

Click on the desired language to download the installation file. Select "Save to disk" and direct the download to a convenient folder such as your desktop. Double click the downloaded file to start installation. It is recommended you accept the default destination directories. Once installed, return to Phoenix Character Nexus to download color characters and backgrounds.

NOTE: Since this is an older program from Microsoft, it contains an out dated certificate. Therefore newer versions of Windows will not recognize the certificate and try to alert you that it is undesirable to install. Rest assured, this program is safe to install ...and a whole lot of fun!

Click "Home" for access to characters, backgrounds, sounds, a comprehensive help section, tutorials and much more.

Microsoft 'Comic' Chat version 2.5

English version - mschat25.exe - Installs cchat.exe version 2.5

International Versions
Language Filename Language Filename
Chinese (PRC) cnchat25.exe Korean kochat25.exe
Chinese (Taiwan) twchat25.exe Norwegian nochat25.exe
Czech cschat25.exe Polish plchat25.exe
Danish dachat25.exe Portuguese (Brazil) brchat25.exe
Dutch nlchat25.exe Portuguese (Standard) ptchat25.exe
French frchat25.exe Russian ruchat25.exe
German dechat25.exe Spanish (Int'l) eschat25.exe
Greek elchat25.exe Slovak skchat25.exe
Hungarian huchat25.exe Slovenian slchat25.exe
Italian itchat25.exe Swedish svchat25.exe
Japanese jachat25.exe Turkish trchat25.exe
Chinese (Hong Kong) twchat25_hk.exe

Microsoft Character Editor for Microsoft Comic Chat

Installs Character Editor version 1.0

English Version Japanese Version Franšais - French Version Deutsch - German Version Espa˝ol - Spanish Version

Editor Installation Help

(Character Editor is a 16 bit program)

General Help with the Character Editor Character Editor Installation Help for WinXP users Character Editor Installation Help for Win7-10 users

Install Editor with ApCompat


All programs copyright Microsoft Corporation

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