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On these pages you will find a great selection of WAV sounds to play during a Comic Chat session. You can also use these files to customize the sound schemes on your computer.

The sounds are available for download in zipped packs for your convenience. Unzip them to your sound search path as specified in your chat settings, usually C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA.

Remember when you play a sound in Comic Chat, other people won't be able to hear it unless they have the same sound file on their computer. ( The filenames must match EXACTLY including spaces and punctuation. )

These sound files were collected from several sources. In the selection process, over 3,000 sounds were played to assure appropriate content. Many duplicates were found with subtle variations in content and filenames. In the final process the versions most commonly heard in chat rooms, with the least amount of excess punctuation in the filenames, were selected.


Wav Files


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