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Bridget Fonda Britney Spears, a remake of _Britney (now retired lol)...23 poses! Cameron Diaz Charlize Theron Claire Danes Claire Danes Courtney Cox
Faith Hill Helen Hunt Hilary Swank Jennifer Lopez...made by ^Ruthie~ Julia Roberts
Kari Wuhrer Oscar_13...made by ^Ruthie~ Kate Winslet Kellie Martin Kristy Swanson Kyra Sedgwick Mia Hamm
Michelle Pfeiffer Natasha Henstridge Reese Witherspoon Samantha Mathis Scooooby doooby Doo!
Jennifer Connelly Sandra Bullock Sarah Michelle Gellar Teri Hatcher, for Odie's exclusive use only! Actresses from Beverly Hills, 
90210, past and present Actors from Beverly Hills, 90210, past and present Ken Griffey, Jr. for Fungoz
Richard Gere Ben Affleck for Jon Claire Danes #4 Krista Allen Tom Cruise
Val Kilmer Laura Leighton for Cali Sharon Stone for oZZi Niki Taylor for Hugs1 Halloween_Ruthie...made by ^Ruthie~ and Fungoz for Halloween 2000 RebeccaHerbst_13...made by ^Ruthie~ Alyssa Milano
Stevie Nicks made for CQ Made for Sabbath Amy Jo Johnson Christian Slater Fairies
Various renowned homerun hitters in history Matthew Perry My personal character, decorated, 
made by Fungoz and Me Catherine Zeta Jones for Q-Tee Elizabeth Hurley Ben Affleck made for Dash 
Riprock ChristmasRuthie2000.AVB...made by ^Ruthie~ and Fungoz for her use only for Christmas
JuliaStiles_13...made by ^Ruthie~ NewerShue4Needle_13...made by ^Ruthie~ for Needle Ingo Rademacher made for Phaz Patricia Arquette Claire Danes...again
Madchen Amick Liv Tyler Gwyneth Paltrow BobDylan13...made by ^Ruthie~ Ashley Judd Christmas decorations...made by 
Fungoz and me Paulina Porizkova
Vanessa Paradis Heather Stewart Whyte Susan Ward (Meg from Sunset Beach) Kevin Sorbo Jean Claude Van Damme
Dolph Lundgren AndieMcD4needle13...made by ^Ruthie~ for needle Neve Campbell JamieLeeCurtis_13...made by ^Ruthie~ Milla Jovovich Erika Eleniak Various drawings by Julie Bellİ made into a character
Courtney Thorne-Smith NewKristaAllen13...made by ^Ruthie~ Bridgette Wilson Heather Graham Rebecca Romijn for Fivefav
Sesame Street favorites of my daughter Rachel Josie Bissett MrBreeze_13...made by ^Ruthie~ for MrBreeze Michelle Pfeiffer made by yours truly :o)~ Matthew McConaughey made for Beach Boy 4_Ruthie_2001...made by ^Ruthie~ The Muppetsİ...made by ^Ruthie~
Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray...made by ^Ruthie~ for §§Smokey Ali Landry (Doritos girl/Louisiana beauty queen)...made by ^Ruthie~ Mark Grace of the Chicago Cubs...made by ^Ruthie~ My exclusive character updated again...made by Fungoz and ^Ruthie~ Ralph Fiennes made by ^Ruthie~
Don Johnson made by ^Ruthie~ DarkChylde13 made by ^Ruthie~ Wicked toon women...made by ^Ruthie~, used by ^Malicia Nicolas Cage...made by ^Ruthie~ Teá Leoni...made by ^Ruthie~ Gina Gershon...made by ^Ruthie~ Jeff Goldblum...made by ^Ruthie~
The Bud Ice Penguin...made by ^Ruthie~ Holly Marie Combs...made by ^Ruthie~ for Needle's use 1NewMoonbaby13.AVB...made by ^Ruthie~ for Moonbabyİ Dogz_13...made by ^Ruthie~

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