Special help files for installing the Microsoft Chat Character Editor for Windows 7 users
updated - 15 May 2024

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Since Microsoft's Comic Chat Character Editor is a 16-bit program, if you attempt to install it on your Windows 7 computer,
you will find that the Character Editor will not function properly.

This page is written to resolve issues that arise between the Comic Chat Character Editor and Windows 7.

[ If your operating system is Windows 10 x64-bit, there is a separate help page HERE! ]

Microsoft had actually released a Virtual Machine environment they named "Windows XP Mode" and licensed it free specifically for Windows 7 users.
This 32-bit program sets up an environemnt within Windows 7 so that the Windows 7 users can operate their favorite older 16 bit programs.

If you have Windows 8 or 10-32bit,
please read this page first and then check out the following links:

NOTE: The Microsoft "Windows XP Mode" package is only licensed (free) for Windows 7 users.
(Although it was reported that a Comic Chatter successfully installed the editor on his Windows 10 x32 box using these 'XP Mode" files).

If you already have the Comic Chat Character Editor
installed on your Windows 7 machine, you must first
uninstall the editor and reboot before you can procede

Before installing the Character Editor, you must first install the
"WindowsXP Mode" environment provided by Microsoft.

The Softonic Website has more information as well as the download link for "WindowsXP Mode"

You can also download the "WindowsXP Mode" Here!


Once you have the WinXP Mode environment installed on your Windows 7 computer,
then you can install the Comic Chat Character Editor into the "WinXP Mode" environment.

BUT ...You are not out of the woods just yet!
You have to use the "appcompat" program to install and then initially execute the character editor within the environment
in order to get this 16 bit program to operate in the WinXP 32-bit world.
So follow the instructions below to install the Character Editor inside the "WinXP Mode" environment.

Microsoft has provided a small application tool on the Windows XP installation disk called 'APCOMPAT.exe'.

It isn't installed to your computer when the Operating System is installed. One just has to know that it's there on the CD disk.
The utility's function is more like an 'emulator' for older PC programs. (Though Microsoft falls short of calling it an emulator).
ApCompat is also provided for download here at the bottom of this page!

In order for the installation of the 'Comic Chat Character Editor' to be successful, one must first uninstall the Editor,
(and reboot), if it has already been installed the regular way.

LQQK ! NOW one MUST use the 'Application Compatibility' tool to not only install the program,
but then one MUST use the 'Application Compatibility' tool to run the program for the very very first time!
One cannot run the Character Editor the first time using the regular 'Character Editor' shortcut link!
. . . This is very very important!

For those who didnt get a WinXP disk with their computer, the APCOMPAT.exe program
is also supplied in the ZIP package located for download at the bottom of this page.

(The following graphics were setup and screen captured by KellieZ:)

To Begin:   1. Open the 'APCOMPAT' tool inside the WinXP Mode environment.
2. Then use the browse button in the 'APCOMPAT' screen to find the
    'Character Editor' installation file stored on your computer.
3. Then look at the graphic below and set it up by checking the boxes
    you see checked in the graphic.
4. Click 'OK' and let the program install the 'Character Editor'.

Program Installation Screen

Once the 'Character Editor' is installed, then one must run the 'Character Editor' for the very first time using the 'APCOMPAT' utility.  

If this rule is not followed, you have to uninstall the Character Editor
and start all over again!

After your installation of the Character Editor
Restart the 'APCOMPAT' program inside the "WinXP Mode" environment on your Windows 7 machine and set it up as per the graphic seen below:

This time you must browse to the actual 'Character Editor' program file 'CCEDIT.EXE'.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat Character Editor\ccedit.exe
Check the boxes the same as they are checked in the graphic below.
Then click 'OK'

Program First Run Screen

This will actually start the Character Editor and make it run as if
it is within a system it is compatible to.
Once you close the programs and reboot, you may then use the regular
'Comic Character Editor' program short cut to start the Editor inside the "WinXP Mode" environment!

You are finished and ready to 'Rock and Roll'!

Documentation and Instructions for "ApCompat" are included in this Zipped download file.

Click here to download 'apcompat.zip'


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