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updated: 26 March 2018
In March of 2001, Mermy had received an unsettling bit of news. Back in 1997, Mermy had
discovered Comic Chat in Soft's #Color_Comics room. Along with Soft, the room's host, there
were several other 'faithful' regulars. Bravheart, Dancer, Bertha, Starfish, Davros, Kiwi, Struttz,
Droopy, Panto, Slippy, Wizzer, Zaxo, Loz, Jayz, and Miguel (His Majesty of Purpleness),
to name a few. We all had a good time and danced our fingers
off while each one in turn played their favorite dance tunes.

The unsettling news, which has also broken Mermy's heart, was that Bravheart, also known as
The Bloo Bunny, had passed away on Sunday February 25th, 2001. Unknown to Mermaid was
that he had been ill for a long time with Hepatitis C, which apparently got the better of him. :-(

More information can be found HERE on Brav's memorial page on Abby's Perfxion site!
Abby removed this page from her site in June of 2004, but it lives on in the "Wayback Machine"!

Bravheart Bravheart in Los Angeles September 1999
These Pictures of Bravheart were provided by Windsong
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Brav's own web page repaired.

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Background photo by Bravheart originally posted on Abby Brewster's ''

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~ Brav Thoughts ~

subject author date
  So long my friend. I didn't even know you were ill!    James Watson 19:45pm Tuesday March 26, 2002
  My BLOOOO Bunny    OJBear 12:47 pm friday march 16, 2001
  Gone, but not forgotten    Sqiz 4:57 am saturday march 10, 2001
  Tribute To A True Bloo Friend    Davros 5:48 pm friday march 9, 2001
  Postcards from the other side    Set (the ol' gater) 11:25 am friday march 9, 2001
  In memory of bloo    wizzer 5:50 am friday march 9, 2001
  Goodbye Mate    Loz the Hillbilly Ga 1:04 am wednesday march 7, 2001
  Goodbye Bloo    Windsong 8:30 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  Re: Brav Thoughts    [ClassyLady] 8:26 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  You are the best Braveheart    tonja 7:41 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  One of a kind.    Miguel_1 5:58 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
     re: Hope you had the time of your life    Mermaid_Elizabeth 3:39 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  Hope you had the time of your life    Sherrie 12:15 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  Farewell    Venkman_Blues 7:46 am tuesday march 6, 2001
  GOOD BYE TO A GREAT FRIEND    BEARbunYan --&-- MsBea 7:04 am tuesday march 6, 2001
         re: Yet More....    Abby 6:15 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
       re: Yet More....    Mermaid_Elizabeth 5:40 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
     re: Yet More....    Abby 5:11 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
  Yet More....    Mermaid_Elizabeth 1:20 am tuesday march 6, 2001
  Bravheart    Botender 9:23 pm monday march 5, 2001
  To a Dear Friend    Tiny 8:17 pm monday march 5, 2001
  More Memories    Mermaid_Elizabeth 7:59 pm monday march 5, 2001
     The day an angel cried.    Slippy 9:09 am saturday march 10, 2001
  To a Friend     Chats 7:32 pm monday march 5, 2001
  To Bravheart    Dave aka DuPA 7:29 pm monday march 5, 2001
  Farewell My Friend    ^^MsSuzyQ^^ 7:02 pm monday march 5, 2001
  Good bye to a good friend.    SAndrA-H 6:59 pm monday march 5, 2001
  the loss of a friend, brave    DanCCer 6:47 pm monday march 5, 2001
     re: Brav Thoughts    MsBoots 10:04 am tuesday march 6, 2001
       re: Brav Thoughts    Mermaid_Elizabeth 7:25 pm monday march 5, 2001
     re: Brav Thoughts    ^^Macgyver 6:42 pm monday march 5, 2001
  Brav Thoughts    Mermaid_Elizabeth 6:20 pm monday march 5, 2001

 Brav Thoughts  Mermaid_Elizabeth  6:20 pm monday march 5, 2001
This message board has been changed for those who wish to make a note in regards to Bravheart!
 re: Brav Thoughts  ^^Macgyver  6:42 pm monday march 5, 2001
the thought of a passing soul such as braves saddens me. I started out chatting in Soft's room and brave was one of the first ppl i met online ..he was a good person and a good friend, this terrible tragedy should remind us all that life is too short and stress and bickering amoungst ppl on chat is a grave mistake .
 re: Brav Thoughts  Mermaid_Elizabeth  7:25 pm monday march 5, 2001
I whole heartily agree! It saddens me most to see some 'rolling up their sleves' preparing for comic chat war, when the passing of a true fun friend reminds me that life is too short and fragile to be messing with the small stuff! All I wanna do is just have fun and enjoy the good times while we can!
 re: Brav Thoughts  MsBoots  10:04 am tuesday march 6, 2001
I was so sadden to hear about Bravheart.  I, like many others, met him in Soft's room.  He helped me when I first started and was there throughout.  Thanks to him, I have enjoyed many hours of discussion.  He was a true friend.  Heart felt sympathies to his family.
 re: Brav Thoughts  [ClassyLady]  8:26 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Flowers and peace.

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 the loss of a friend, brave  DanCCer  6:47 pm monday march 5, 2001
hi liz.. I was  so saddened  to hear  about the passing away of Brave  the bloo bunnie..I  was also going to make a page  dedicated to him and  was pleased when I was sent  your page and  this page  so we could leave messages..I knew Brave for about 18mths I guess in Soft's room. I remember  when he  came into chat as a newbie..I was actually one of the people  that helped him get it all organised along with soft.. and  we were his 1st people on his  icq list we could help him.We co hosted in the room alot .. and he was a great help to alot of people and  very dedicated to  helping run soft's room. Even though we didnt still chat  to each other  we exchanged christmas emails and urls and I  will miss him.. I was a protected of all the animals you know  sigh ..from DanCCer

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 Good bye to a good friend.  SAndrA-H  6:59 pm monday march 5, 2001
At one time we were good friends him and I, we use to talk about alot of human things, and we shared special thougts about how life is, and how it is put together.

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 Farewell My Friend  ^^MsSuzyQ^^  7:02 pm monday march 5, 2001
Losing a friend or loved one is always hard on the soul.  Losing Bravheart will effect many online friends and chatters.  He was a kind and caring person who you could talk to and have fun.  He always had time to chat and help you feel at ease. He will be missed greatly.  My thoughts go out to his family.  Farewell Bravheart...farewell my friend  :-(

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 To Bravheart  Dave aka DuPA  7:29 pm monday march 5, 2001
We'll miss you Brav, the great Bloo Bunny, you were always kind, full of knowledge, and funny, you were there when I first started to chat,I remember it well, my character was a cat, you helped me along, those first few weeks,your the kind of chatter that everyone seeks, farewell my friend, and you I will always remember,from the first of January until the last of December.

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 To a Friend  Chats  7:32 pm monday march 5, 2001
I had heard of  him  from others  then i met him  in Soft's_Color_Comics   both breavheart and  soft were nice folks to chat with. Breavheart was a Chatter that had a good  since of humore liked to have fun  He will be missed by us the one that knew him  His Chat friends                         Goodbye  Braveheart.

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 The day an angel cried.  Slippy  9:09 am saturday march 10, 2001
Always there throughout the years, Days of laughter, fun and tears, Never judged a comic friend, A friend so true from start to end. Comic chat still has a part Bravehearts' gone, but not his heart He's left us with a legacy For trust and friendship, all to see. So greatly missed, our tears we hide The day he left, an angel cried. Our great loss is heavens gain. We will remeber you with loving affection. Rest well my dear friend. Slippy

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 More Memories  Mermaid_Elizabeth  7:59 pm monday march 5, 2001
For those of you who had participated in the Soft_Bot wedding, the Wedding pics are still availabe for viewing. Here you will see how artfull the Bloo Bunny could sport a 'Top Hat -n- Tails' and still be a true party animal!

Soft_Bot & Struttz Wedding Album


~Mermy :-)

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 To a Dear Friend  Tiny  8:17 pm monday march 5, 2001
Brave and I met several years ago in softs chat room, he was one of the first that I met and became a very good friend, He will be greatly missed by Many. My Heart and prayers goes out to all his Family members.  Sincerly Samantha (aka) Tiny

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 Bravheart  Botender  9:23 pm monday march 5, 2001
Only we that use Comic Chat can truly understand how deep   friendships in our chat rooms become.  How otherwise silly cartoon characters become 'real people' to us.  As real and close and special to us as our co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.   And only those of us that were lucky enough to have met the Bloo Bunny would truly understand why I sat here at my keyboard and cried for hours after reading of Brav's death.   Remembering those times we laughed and giggled and at times even came up with solutions for all the world's problems - and knowing we never will again. Simply said:  I shall miss you Bloo!  

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 Yet More....  Mermaid_Elizabeth  1:20 am tuesday march 6, 2001
Yes here is a link to the site that Bravheart had spent a lot of his most recent time supporting. A site for a Hepatitis C group that uses funds for research and aide to those stricken.

Apparently the site owner, Abby, and Brav were close friends through it all!

In their gallery, you will find a portfolio of Bravheart's photographic works taken near and around his home in Arizona.


 re: Yet More....  Abby  5:11 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Hi folks!   Thanks for the link here Mermaid Elizabeth.  I believe Brav would be so proud to know just how many lives he really did touch across the Net... of course, at the same time he'd find something to complain about . Just so you know, the foundation Brav supported can be found here. .  He and I created the gallery in hopes that it would some day bring small or large donations to this foundation by granting permission of use of his (and my photos).   The Hep-C foundation is actually run by a wonderful woman by the name of Vikki.  Just clearing any confusion here.   I've loved reading all your comments.  Brav was always touting about the chat rooms and how much better they were than newsgroups... LOL  So I've heard many times about many of you.   It's wonderful to know that we share a common bond in a man called Bravheart...the BLOO BUNNY!
 re: Yet More....  Mermaid_Elizabeth  5:40 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Thanks, Abby! I am new to your site and glad you cleared the difference up for us in regards to where the foundation actually is.

I love your photos of the Austin area as well. Nice colors!

~Mermy :-)

 re: Yet More....  Abby  6:15 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Most welcome Mermy, and thanks for the comps on my photos as well.  It's one of the things that Brav and I shared most... love of nature, love of photography.  :o)

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 GOOD BYE TO A GREAT FRIEND  BEARbunYan --&-- MsBea  7:04 am tuesday march 6, 2001
From the both of us and our little bear, we are very sorry to hear of the loss of a great friend.  Even though neither of us saw him much in the past 12 months he always had a friendly text- hello if he saw us on-line.  He always knew how to bring a smile on everyone's face even though he could never really see it except in our characters.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to let them know that not only did they lose a loved one, a lot of comic chatters lost a wonderful person and friend.  He will always be in our hearts.  We will never forget the BLUE BUNNY that could always make us laugh.  His kind words will always be with us.  Again from BEARbunYan, MsBeary, and Little Bear we will deeply miss BRAVE.  Our love to his family.  

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 Farewell  Venkman_Blues  7:46 am tuesday march 6, 2001
I didn't really know bravheart that well, but i do remember, he made us all laugh, and losing someone special, is a subject i know very well - Fare the well

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 Hope you had the time of your life  Sherrie  12:15 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
"Hope you had the time of your life" was a song wav that was given to me by Brav, it was right after the closing of Soft's room. It seemed to sum it all up, it was the time of our lifes. Thanks Brav for sharing all the wonderful memories. And Brav, your right! Bunny's don't wear pants!!  
 re: Hope you had the time of your life  Mermaid_Elizabeth  3:39 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Found the lyrics: Time of Your Life by Green Day

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs and still frames in your mail
Hang it on a shelf of good health and good times
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while
It's something unpredictable but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

Wow! Like  psychic premonition!


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 One of a kind.  Miguel_1  5:58 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
It takes an individual to be one. It takes heart to care. It takes concern and compassion to help. And, also takes strength to continue. It takes inner soul to have these attributes. Remind you of anybody ? Sadly, I was aware of his struggle. I am so proud to have been able to discuss these issues with him openly. No fear and no telling. A private pact perhaps. Update, Brave is in The Heavenly Palace VIP suite, and having a ball. He has hired a painter and now wants the walls Bloo. The landlord has yet to be informed, and the neighbors are already complaining about the loud music. No suprise... See ya soon my friend (hope not to soon)... You are in our thoughts. I know, it's lonely at the top.... <8~(

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 You are the best Braveheart  tonja  7:41 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
I meet Braveheart in Soft's room ,he always made me fell welcome to chat with him ,he loved to tease ppl and make them laugh.I always called him Brave never Braveheart. I will always remember you my friend hope your in a better place now and maybe someday we can all be together to chat again.We will all miss your Blo Bunny .My heart goes out to you his family .Please know that Blue touched a lot of people and had many great chat friend,s. I for one will never forget how he made me laugh even when i was sad. Thanks for helping this newbie and for being my friend.  

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 Goodbye Bloo  Windsong  8:30 pm tuesday march 6, 2001
Farewell my comic friend. You have touched me in spirt with your comic chat, beautiful photos, and inspiring stationery creations.  

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 Goodbye Mate  Loz the Hillbilly Ga  1:04 am wednesday march 7, 2001
Brav, Your leaving this virtual world is a very sad loss to all of us mate.  You brightened our lives with your bloo wit, and stimulating conversation.  You were always willing to help any newcomers, and always willing to learn from others.  I know that whichever virtual world you have gone onto next will certainly benefit from your existence. Brav, I wish you all the best wherever you are, and I know that you will be here in our hearts until it is our time to join you. Till we meet again in the virtual beyond.....fairwell Ever your mate, the Hillbilly Gator Loz p.s. The next batch of 'shine will be drunk to your memory me Ol' Bloo Bunny :o)

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 In memory of bloo  wizzer  5:50 am friday march 9, 2001
You had a smile for everyone and a heart so full of gold, You were the best Bloo Bunny this world could ever hold. You were never selfish and always kind, What a wonderful memory you've left behind. Brav, you touched the heart of so many people in so many different ways, may your memory live on in all worlds virtual   physical and spiritual. Peace, my friend Wizzer

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 Postcards from the other side  Set (the ol' gater)  11:25 am friday march 9, 2001
I remember Bravheart! I wuz busy drinkin' 'shine all dayz un nights back then, Soft checked me into Shine Anonymus and ay haven't been seen since then.  I've schorned ma shine ways an' ne'er looked back, vodka's much better fer me. Bravheart drank a good shine, but he never wuz quiet the drink like me and Loz.  best wishes, bro, you were ever a true gater- friend if Iza saw one! Ahhhh... memories.... reminds me of the great shine back in dem days... Welp, Iza got a date with the prettiest eyes this side west of them mississipi (some hearsay may say prettier than soft's!) andza I need time to prepare... gots to get me them boots shined! Forever shine at heart, Brav, ~Set~

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 Tribute To A True Bloo Friend  Davros  5:48 pm friday march 9, 2001
 Brav was always honest, and always there to share a smile or a laugh. Even though he suffered from his own problems he was always there to lend a ear and a voice of reason. He will be missed and never forgotten. Mourn not his passing, celebrate the blessing that you can proudly call him friend. I'm sure he'd want it that way.  Often we overlook the blessings friendship gives us. In chasing my dreams in radio I have traveled around the country and never really found a home. Often working a full-time at a job I hated So I could afford to work part time at a radio gig I loved. The only true home I where I felt welcome I found on comic Chat. I have left behind too many friends and there have been times when my online friends have been my only friends. Even as we have never actually met, I value each and every one of you that I have met through our colourful world of chat. I am ashamed that it takes a sorrowful event such as this to bring us back together again. Take Care,          ~Davros

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 Gone, but not forgotten  Sqiz  4:57 am saturday march 10, 2001
The time has past so quickly those nights spent chatting memories of friendships formed people who touched our lives from far away around the world time and distance are no barrier we still remember you I am proud to have met you one day we'll meet again.

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 My BLOOOO Bunny  OJBear  12:47 pm friday march 16, 2001
He made me laugh when I was sad and He cheered me up when things got bad. Although I hadn't heard from him in a very long time I can't believe my blooo bunny is now upon a different path. I'll miss his jokes and laughter too I know that he is missing us too.

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 This Message Board  Mermaid_Elizabeth  9:47 am wednesday april 11, 2001
This message board has an entry time limit of 60 days. Once an entry has been here for 60 days, then the beseen system just drops it off and it disappears.

Because of this, I will be placing everyones comments over to a web page on my site that will have them all listed as they were entered. One can still add more of their 'Brave Thoughts' here and as the 60 day limit approaches, they will be transferred to the main memorial page.

Abby has been in touch with Brave's Mom and has been showing her your heartfelt thoughts. Eventually I thought to prepare a document for printing to send to Brave's Mom that she can keep in his rememberance.

I believe that everyone who came to know the Bloo Bunny fell quickly in love with him and his way of reminding us we can all still laugh.

~Mermy :)

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 This Message Board  James Watson  19:45pm Tuesday March 26, 2002
I am sorry I have not been in chat lately, but the year 2001 was a very bad year for me, lost my job, about lost my daughter in a fatal car accident which she lost her best friend in (I considered her my second daughter) and not more than one month after that, my wife's car got wrecked by a lady who ran a red light.  How about that I almost lost the 2 most important women in my life in the span of less than a month.
Anyway, I was shocked to read about the loss of Braveheart!  It has been that long since I have chatted. :(...
It is a saddening thing when a person you have chatted with for quite some time passes.  I did not even know that he was ill, he never showed it in the chat room.  He will be sorely missed!
I have not chatted in so long, I no longer know where people hang out anymore,  I have been in contact with The_Mask and last I knew, he was trying to start his own chat server because he was getting fed up with servers starting to charge a fee and others that the owner's would go on power trips and if you did not show up on the server for a while they would take away any administrative rights they gave you.  I personally got fed up with that also!  I am presently going to Texas A&M University Engineering Extension (TEEX) to get my CNST, MCP, MCSE & MCSA certifications.  So I will not have much time to chat, but send me chat site were you hang out at, it would be nice to chat with you again when I find the time.  It might be hard because I go to school from 5:30pm - 9:30pm and then I have to work from 10:00pm - 7:00am.  I go to school M - Th & I work T - Fri.  But I will try to catch you on the weekends.
Again, I am very shocked about reading of Bravehearts death, we were becoming good chat buddies. :(

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