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updated: 2 March 2018

   NetSonic Warning: Do Not Install NetSonic!

Users of Web3000 Inc's Internet Accelerator program NetSonic should be aware
that NetSonic is known to conflict with a number Windows programs including ChatCheck.

NetSonic works by replacing standard browser caches with a customised version
of its own and upon installation supplants your Winsock with a NetSonic Winsock.

Unfortunately ChatCheck streams files from the internet directly to the ChatCheck
folder and can not make use of the bespoke cache installed by NetSonic, thus causing
ChatCheck to lock irrecoverably.

Other programs known to be affected include :

  1. CacheX

  2. GetRight (Headlight Software)

  3. Netscape (some versions)

  4. Opera

  5. Miscellaneous Win98 programs

  6. FunCom games
I strongly recommend you avoid using NetSonic since in addition to the above conflicts
any future upgrades you make to Windows  could overwrite the bespoke NetSonic Winsock
and leave you with a crippled internet browser.


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