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updated: 14 March 2023

   Child Protection via Character Substitution

Worried about your children unwittingly downloading
nude or violent Comic Chat characters ?

Well you should be !
Did you realise that approximately 5% of the characters contain at least one pose which could be considered
rude, nude, horrific, distasteful, or downright pornographic ?

Okay, Now I have got your attention lets not get carried away.
 There has always been a problem with a minority of users using what can only be described as colourful language in chat rooms. However I do not believe this should prevent you from chatting.

We always had the ability to ignore the messages from especially obnoxious users, and now we need a method to
avoid seeing any unsuitable characters .

ChatCheck 2.4+ now provides a partial solution to this problem
it contains a list of characters which are known to be unsuitable for one reason or another and allows you to control whether or not you wish to see them.

  • ChatCheck can substitute them with a harmless character.
  • The list is updated every time ChatCheck does a search.
  • You retain total control over which ones are substituted.
  • You can keep copies (if you really want to !).

The substitution screen is accessed from ChatCheck's right-click popup menu
 ( see the help page for further information ).

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