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 Late to tea!Diver Dan ..isn't he handsome?
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Hey! What's shaking?Tea time with my sisters!Pearl for your thoughts
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This is the home of the Comic Chat .AVB Character Creations of Mermaid Elizabeth.
In order to use these files, you must have the program 'Microsoft Comic Chat 2.5' installed.
When downloading these files, you must ultimately put them in the 'ComicArt' folder of your Comic Chat program.

C\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\ComicArt
- or -
C:\Program Files\Chat\ComicArt

(Depending on where you installed the program)
Updated: 2 April 2018

BatVamp Boo2U CheshireCat Chopper ClintonsCloset
DiDi EasterEggs12 FrogMeister GoofPoof IceCream
Jack-O-Jordy JetsonFamily KickMe_XXX MakeUchat Merme_Arc
Merme_Green Merme_Jo Merme_mmd Merme_Val Merme_Valf
Merme_Ween Merme_Xmas PillsburyDoughboy Spidaween SpongeBob
Mermy out for a swim Waf Looking out! WeddingCake Mermy's sister, Arial, showing off
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