Download MS Comic Chat Character Editor .AVS creation files

updated: 6 December 2014

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These .AVS format files are to be used in the 'Comic Chat Character Editor'

An assortment of COLORED .AVS files can be downloaded HERE!
- OR -
Click the images below for individual black and white .AVS files:
- OR -
Click HERE for the entire zipped pack of Black and White .AVS files!

These .AVS files were origianlly part of a zipped file pac offered by Microsoft on their download site alongside the Character Editor for Microsoft Chat 2.0. They were originally offered as a help for people to get to learn how to use the editor. After a while, there were many different versions of the same MS Chat characters and the .AVS pack was removed from the download site.

For a time, Steve, aka Y_Guy, then held up the torch and continued to offer the AVS's on his site. Some of Steve's AVS's were already colored so anyone could just change the color as they desired. Prior to Steve closing his site ('The Un-Official MS Chat Add-On Site'), he too removed them for basically the same reason Microsoft did.

With most of the older characters no longer being used or now have inactive auto-download url's in them, Mermaid has made these .AVS's once again available in hopes that more people would divert their attention from developing characters out of copyrighted photos and attempt to create a real "Comic" Character of their own!

These .AVS files are also a great source for body parts for creating your own comic characters!

It is Mermaid's understanding that these Microsoft .AVS files are considered 'public domain'.

These are character .AVS files used to create characters for the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. To use them, you must have the 'Microsoft Chat Character Editor' which can be obtained for free by clicking Here! You can download the 'Character Editor' in the language of your choice well as links to help sites to use the 'Character Editor'.

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