Website Links to additional backgrounds for Microsoft Comic Chat
These are links to sites that have additional backgrounds available for
downloading and using in the chat program 'Microsoft Comic Chat'!
Download and 'save' them to your 'COMICART' folder!

C:\Program Files\Chat\COMICART
- or -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\COMICART

updated - 16 March 2018

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Link '.BGB' Backgrounds can only be viewed in
Microsoft Comic Chat ver 2.5!
Click here Phoenix On-line Comic Chat Backgrounds - R e s t o r e d  
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
213 06.02.18

Click here
#Color_Comic_Chat Backgrounds (Chats)  
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
21 16.03.18
Click here Comic-Reach's Comic Chat Backgrounds  
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
40 26.02.06
Click here Crypt Backgrounds for Comic Chat
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
148 14.02.18
Click here DrMad2000's Comic Chat Backgrounds - R e s t o r e d
  ( Auto DL'ing .bgb's PLUS .BMP's )   
5 06.02.18
Click here ImortalQn's Backgrounds for Comic Chat - (Satellite Page)  
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
31 10.12.14
Click here Soft's #Color_Comics Backgrounds - R e s t o r e d
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
560 11.12.14
Click here Stussy's - ComichaStation Backgrounds for Comic Chat - R e s t o r e d
  ( .bgb's ALL auto DL'ing )   
54 10.12.14
The '.BMP' Backgrounds are non auto-downloading
and will work in any  version of Comic Chat


Got a scanned photo, digital photo, or original art that you
would like to see used as a 'Comic Chat' background?

Visit Soft's "Services" page to read more on how to do it!

Got your own webspace? ...Make your own backgrounds!


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