Special help files for installing the Microsoft Chat Character Editor for Windows XP users
updated: 25 March 2018

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Up until the release of Microsoft Windows XP - Service Pack 2, one could click on a URL link that was prefixed with mic:// which would cause Microsoft Comic Chat program to open and connect to the link.

For some unknown reason, Microsoft deleted the mic:// prefix as a URL protocol with the release of the XP Service Pack 2. (The service pack removed the entry from the registry).

What this does for the Comic Chat community is render any posted chat server links useless as URL links. Making it necessary for the Comic Chat user to have to manually enter the chat server address.

Mermaid Elizabeth has created a registry file that restores the mic:// prefix as a URL protocol. The file restores the entry into the registry so that the mic:// prefix is once again recognized as a URL protocol which then opens the Comic Chat program and connects to the mic:// link.

Before downloading any of these registry files, you must be certain exactly where your Comic Chat program is installed!

So PLEASE, take a moment ...and LOOK!

You should only download and install the registry file that has to do with exactly where your Comic Chat program is installed on your machine!!!


..Installing more than one on these registry files onto a computer may damage your computer registry!

..You must only use the registry file that is specific for where your Comic Chat program is installed!

..It is installation location specific!



The download files in the table at the bottom of this page
are written to re-instate mic:// as a URL protocol!

To download and install the file to repair mic:// as a URL protocol,
follow these instructions:

Left-Click on your selected file, then in the 'File Download' pop-up,
select: 'Open this file from it's current location'

Once the download is completed,
it should have opened up into your unzip program.

There is no need to extract it,
just right click on the reg file and select merge from the pop up menu.

A CAUTION message will pop-up, after you select merge !

Please read the caution message!
Making sure that this is the correct file according to
where your Comic Chat program is installed,
Click OK !

A Registry Editor message will then pop-up and ask if you are sure
you want to add the registry information.
Click YES !

After you click yes, a second Registry Editor message will state
that the information was successfuly added to the registry.

You have successfully restored the mic:// prefix as a URL protocol.
There is no need to reboot.
The mic:// link will immediately start working.

To test the registry restoration, you can go to the Servers/Rooms Page
and click on one of the server links.
It should open your Comic Chat program and connect to the server you just clicked on.

See you in the Comics!



Download and Install ONE File Only!
If your Comic Chat program
is in the default folder

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat,

then download this file:

Click here to download: mic_Microsoft_Chat.zip


If your Comic Chat program
is in the secondary default folder

C:\Program Files\Chat,

then download this file:

Click here to download: mic_Chat.zip


If your Comic Chat program is not installed in one of the 2 default locations, you can contact Mermaid Elizabeth and she will make a custom registry file for you and send it to you.

What she needs to know is the exact location you have it installed.
This will give her the information she needs to edit the registry file
so that it will work on your computer.

If you have knowledge of registry files, and are comfortable editing one,
then you can download one of these files and edit it yourself
for your own custom Comic Chat location.

Click HERE to contact Mermaid Elizabeth.

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