Website Links to instructional help sites for Microsoft Comic Chat, the Character Editor & other related support programs

updated - 1 February 2023

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    Chat Check UAC Battle Comic Chat background Converter

  1. David Kurlander's: How To Get Started in 6 Easy Steps
  2. Phoenix-Online: Comprehensive FAQ's
    Compiled by Steve Howland one of Microsoft's original volunteer Comic Chat beta testers & Bud-O
  3. Botender's How2 Comic Chat
  4. Sniffle's Comic Chat FAQ Page
  5. mic:// URL Protocol (active chat server links)
  6. Enabling mp3 files inside chat rooms

   German Deutsch  

  1. Bedienungsanleitung (Operation Manual)
   Spanish Español  
  1. Microsoft Comic Chat en 2019 (Vídeo Instructivo)

  1. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows 10 x64bit
    • Can be used to install any 16-bit program into a Win10-64 machine!
  2. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows 7-10 x32bit
  3. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows XP
  4. Phoenix-Online: Character Editor FAQ's Character Pose List
  5. Eaglet's 'Making Comic Characters'
  6. Ruthie's Instructions On Posting/Publishing A Character .AVB File




  1. Home Page

  2. Support Pages

  3. Download Page

  4. Sqiz aka Derek White author of ChatCheck

   Windows Issues & Tips - Vista through Windows 10
  1. Microsoft Comic Chat and Windows
  2. Microsoft Comic Chat Character Editor and Windows
  3. The annoying UAC (User Account Control)
    What is UAC?    Win-All
  4. Replacing system files in Windows
  5. Java Aplets and Windows
  6. Lost your computer log-on password? NT Password Reset WinXP-10
  7. Really Disable UAC win 7 - 10

  1. Instructions and Helpful Tips
  2. How to view .BGB files outside of Comic Chat program

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