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use and support of the 'Microsoft Comic Chat' program

updated: 25 March 2021

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  Microsoft Comic Chat  
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Comic Chat
Microsoft Comic Chat is a typical IRC chat cliet that will connect to any IRC chat server.
What makes it a totally fun and different way to chat is that one can select to use a comic character
and then chat in a 'comic strip' environment, rather than in just plain text!

(Version 2.5 uses color characters and color backgrounds).
(This installation file installs original black and white characters. One then must go here to update them to color)!
Click Here to download MS Comic Chat
[ ccedit ]
Comic Chat Character Creator
This is the creation program for making ones own personalized
comic characters for use in the MS Chat 2.5 program.

NOTE: This is a 16-bit program. In order to make it work
in today's Windows one must first install Microsoft's Virtual PC.
Links and more info for Windows 7 is HERE and for Windows 10 visit HERE! (Virtual PC is free)

Special Download: Users of Older Comic Chat Version 2.1
Must get Version 0.55 Character Editor

Ver 0.66
Click Here to download Comic Chat Character Editor

Win 95 - XP

This is a Comic Chat character Web search utility.
It compares the .AVB character files that you have on your
hard drive to what is available on the internet. Then shows
you where to go if you want to download them.

Created by: Derek White aka Sqiz

Click Here to download ChatCheck
A Japanese 'command line ' utility created by Shunji Haruki.

Originally created by Haruki to solve a bug that the first
'Character Editor' put into finished .AVB files. Although Microsoft
has since removed the bug, this program also works to separate all of
the graphic poses from out of any (Comic Chat ver 2.1) AVB character.

It works very fast!
Many of the original mschat2.1 characters are posted on
'Y-Guy's' restored "The Unofficial MS Chat Add-On Site" web pages!

~Included in the zip file is a sample 2.1 file so that DIET_AVB can be tested!

Click Here to download Diet_avb

A 'command line ' utility created by Microsoft.

Created originally to compress the older 2.1 version .AVB files
in 'auto-down loadable' 2.5 version .AVB files, as 'AVBCVT'.

Since the .AVB compression is the same as the .BGB,
this program also creates the .BGB background files.

The zip file named 'bmpbgb2020.7z' also has README,
tips, and instruction files how to use the command line.
Click Here to download bmpbgb2020.7z

Windows All

This is an awesome and totally free Hex Editor!

It is possible to edit/update the embedded url within a Comic Chat file
providing the line length is not disturbed from old address to new!

(No longer online) Author's Home Page:
Click Here for HexEdit 4.0

Click Here for HexEdit 3.0F
MS Chat Info
A utility program which allows the user to change many of
the Comic Chat program settings on one small Control Panel.

(Download includes Help Pages)

Created by 'Joey', a Comic Chat user.
Author's Home Page:

Click Here to download Joey's MSCChatInfo 1.1 Program


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