This is a support site for the chat program 'Microsoft Comic Chat'. This IRC chat client is a fun and unique way of chatting through comic characters in a comic strip environment rather than just plain text chat.
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More Information about Comic Chat from the Author of the Program:
DJ Kurlander
On-Board ship in Antartica
David Kurlander, (DJ), the author of the Microsoft's Comic Chat program, retired in 2008 from Microsoft.
Upon returning from an expedition to Antarctica and South Georgia, (the trip of a lifetime), he created a website to which he added a section that is very informative and useful for persons interested in the Comic Chat program:

DJ also has a great step-by-step "Getting Started" instructional page: Here
Besides having some great publications available about Comic Chat,
DJ also has a few videos that would help a Comic Chat beginner:

If you have trouble viewing the video from his webpage, he recently added this 'ComicChatVideo' to YouTube as well!

More Great Research and Reading:
  • Wiki has a very good "Historical Description" of this awesome program!
  • A Comic Chat Summary - by Microsoft's Social Computing Group
  • David Kurlander's 1996 SIGGRAPH presentation regarding the technics of how Comic Chat works.
  • A lengthy, but very informational Power Point presentation by 'Maggie Law' & 'Vivien Petras'
    dated 26 April 2002 regarding the use of graphical chat room programs!
    (This 'Conversations.ppt' has some awesome links embedded it it)!
  • A Review by the U.K.'s

So after reading all of this and seeing that Microsoft had abandoned this program as a cost saving decision back in February of 2001. (They abandoned several of their "free service" programs all at the same time) (V-Chat, Comic Chat, and MS Agent, and maybe a few others). One can ask, why does Mermaid Elizabeth continue to support a seemingly dead program?

Well, stepping out of the "third person", the short answer is that I love this program! It is sooo much better to chat in it than using text chatting methods. I know everyone today has cell phone texting, but this program takes chatting to a more fun - more awesome level! Texting on the phone is mostly one-on-one, but there is a much more dynamic conversation going on in a room filled with other folks from around the world. (It would be real cool if someone could make an app for the cell phone that would simulate this communication style! ...Microsoft does have several patents on this program, through DJ's wizardry, so the app programmer would have to clear it with them, Or get them involved)!

Comic Chatting makes it easier to see who is talking to who as well. In a text chat room, it is confusing sometimes when you can't tell who is saying what to who/whom...whatever, (Im an electrican, not an English major!)! I spent 2 years in AOL chat rooms before discovering Comic Chat. A control room operator at a power plant where I was working at the time (SEGS 8 & 9), told me about Comic Chat. WOW! I am done with text chat! ...So I spend my money and time preserving this program and all that I can recover in hopes that one day others will re-discover the awesomeness of this wonderful, fun, exciting method of communicating.

You know I once got an email from a US Marine Corps guard at Guantanamo Bay. They were using the program in TEXT mode to record their watch logs. All of their staions were connected together using the Comic Chat program. You see, in Comic Chat, one can save the entire log of events. He wanted to know if there was anyway to record a time stamp on each message. It was unfortunate that I did not know the answer, but I often thought that their unique use of the program was quite clever!

I would like to also add ...Although DJ got 2 patents for this program, anytime you work for a corporation, the patents you get ultimately belong to the company. They make big gestures to recognize the person, give them plaques in front a team audiances, put their names on a big board in the common room or in the main hall, but in reality, the patent stays with the company! So please, don't contact DJ in hopes that he can change the program in anyway! Only Microsoft can legally do that! The same goes with the 16-bit Character Editor. A totally different team built it, so DJ cannot help us updating it to a 32 bit program. So please, if you want to contact DJ, contact him with KUDOS for making this awesome Comic Chat program only! Save the rest of your comments and ideas for Microsoft directly! DJ's retired! am I!

...if you've noticed the almost invisible message on the top of this page, it is for search engines and web crawlers. Since most of this page is in graphics, the search engines need text in order to classify the page!

A fallen, Beloved Comic Chatter:

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